IFAC Foundation Young Author Support

IFAC Foundation Program for Support of Young Authors’ Attendance
at Major Conferences on Automatic Control

According to this Program, the IFAC Foundation is open to consider applications for support of young authors’ attendance at the 8th IFAC Symposium on Mechatronic Systems (MECHATRONICS 2019) and the 11th IFAC Symposium on Nonlinear Control Systems (NOLCOS 2019), to be held jointly in September 4-6, 2019.

Eligible for support are authors of accepted technical papers – citizens of a developing country/region not supported by any institution in a high income country/region – whose age will be less than 30 years during the Symposium. Only one author per paper can be supported. A limited number of applications will be supported.

A developing country/region is understood to be one which is not on list of high-income economies. The support consists of a lump sum to help defray the cost of registration, accommodation and travel expenses related to the Congress.

Applications for MECHATRONICS 2019 or NOLCOS 2019 should be addressed to the symposium organizer by eligible authors. The application form has to be sent to contact@mechatronicsnolcos2019.org by January 31, 2019.

A presentation of the paper at the Symposium by the winner is a prerequisite for support. Award recipients must write a short report (a few lines) stating what the attendance meant to them, and what they learnt. The recipients give their consent that the report together with their picture and a brief bio will be uploaded on the Foundation website.